Best Mattress for Back Pain

Our picks for best mattresses for back pain

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Number one on our list, Saatva's flagship mattress combines comfort with luxury touches, so you really feel like you're getting what you're paying for.

  • Dual Layer Coil Construction
  • $1,199 Sale Price Queen
  • Free White Glove Delivery & Mattress Removal

Google Shopping Ratings

  • 4.8
94% Positive

BBB Rating: A+


Layla memory foam is great for people who want to have that deep hugging, sinking feeling—typically, this is ideal for any style sleepers who want to feel cradled by the conforming foam.

  • Antimicrobial Odor control with copper-infused memory foam
  • Flipable Mattress for Soft/Firm
  • Made in USA
  • 120-Night Trial

Google Shopping Ratings

  • 4.4
83% Positive

BBB Rating: A+


Loom & Leaf is Saatva’s luxury memory foam line and their answer to companies like Tempur-Pedic. While it’s priced slightly higher than some of those bed-in-a-box competitors, like Casper, the Loom & Leaf mattress far exceeds them in quality, making it absolutely worth the extra cost.

  • GET $200 OFF at checkout on orders of $1,000+
  • Free white glove delivery & mattress removal
  • 15-year warranty
  • Available in Relaxed Firm and Firm

Google Shopping Ratings

  • 4.85
96% Positive

BBB Rating: A+


The Pod is certainly the most teched-out mattress you’ll find on the market, and all of the advances that have gone into it are specifically designed to improve your sleep health and overall wellness.

  • Sleep Tracking Feature
  • Smart Alarm + Smart Home Integration
  • Water based cooling system (55°F - 115°F)

Google Shopping Ratings

  • 4.7
86% Positive

BBB Rating: A+


Searching for the best mattress for back pain is difficult, particularly if you don’t know what to look for. There are many choices available, it can become daunting and complex to find the perfect mattress to reduce back ache.

Persistent back pain touches millions of Americans and several encounter daily sleep interruptions because of the continuous discomfort. Choosing a mattress that is comfortable and offers good support can decrease aches and pains during bedtime. Which leaves sleepers feeling well-rested and more alert the next day.

People that have a history of back pain should think about several things when deciding on a new mattress. Things like the thickness, and firmness, the material construction, and the person’s weight and their preferred sleep position.

Within this guide, we present our personal picks for top mattresses that could be good matches for sleepers encountering back pain. Please note that the reviews of mattress brands below are associated with our thoughts, giving our very own choices and biases, therefore it should be used as just a place to start. We know a good mattress can assist in reducing upper and lower back pain. However, it is not a form of medical treatment. If your chronic back pain is a severe problem for you, then please seek the advice from a healthcare expert.