Purple vs. Nectar

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As with most compressed beds, you can expect some off-gassing with the Purple, which should dissipate within a few hours.
Many customers report significant off-gassing smells from the Nectar and most every memory foam bed, especially those that come vacuum sealed. The smell should fade away within a few days.
The Purple is made of a unique polymer foam that is promised to last for decades. However, the company has not been in business long enough to test whether that claim is true.
The density of each foam layer of the Nectar really holds up over time. It is just as durable, if not more durable than your typical memory foam bed.
Purple’s open grid design provides great airflow through the mattress, which keeps you very cool while you sleep.
Like pretty much all memory foam beds, Nectar retains heat/sleeps pretty hot. However, the tencel cover and gel layer make the Nectar more breathable, and therefore slightly cooler than many memory foam mattresses.
As a foam bed, the Purple has minimal bounce. Many couples might prefer a more responsive feel.
Most memory foam beds may not have the bounce and responsiveness that some couples find essential for sex. The Nectar mattress has very little bounce.
The “pressure-releasing” material of Purple is designed to relieve pressure points and create optimal spinal alignment, and it is very effective at doing so.
The multiple layers of foam in the Nectar make it very good at conforming to a sleeper’s body, which can be great for relieving pressure on various parts of the body and providing pain relief to those areas.
Edge support is not Purple’s strongest suit, though it is on par with most foam beds.
Edge SupportGood
The Nectar has slightly better edge support than many memory foams, especially at such a low price range, due to its dense foam.
The Purple is as quiet as a mattress can be when you move around on it.
The Nectar makes essentially no noise at all when you apply pressure or move around on it.
Many customers who sleep with a partner on a Purple report little to no disturbance when there’s movement on the mattress.
Motion IsolationGreat
As with most memory foams, Nectar does a great job of absorbing movement, which makes it very good at preventing your or your partner’s movements from disturbing one another.
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