The Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers

Best Mattress Buying Guide

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Best for Back Pain
Loom & Leaf Mattress
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  • Free white glove delivery & mattress removal
  • 15-year warranty
  • Available in Relaxed Firm and Firm
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Most Customizable
Helix Mattress
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Unanimous Winner
Saatva Mattress
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Avocado Mattress Mattress
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  • No Polyurethane Foams or Toxic Chemicals - All Natural Materials
  • Made in USA
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The Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers

What is the Best Mattress for Back Sleepers?

Back sleepers know that a supportive mattress is essential to healthy sleep. Most back sleepers do best on a medium to medium-firm mattress that keeps the spine in good alignment. A good rule of thumb is, the heavier the sleeper, the firmer the mattress, although the type of firmness is crucial. (Otherwise, sleeping on a board would be best of all.) Back sleepers also need enough spring in a mattress to offer good pressure relief without curving the back.

Fewer than one-tenth of all sleepers in the U.S. sleep on their backs. Back sleeping comes with a few disadvantages, including increased snoring, increased risk for acid reflux, discomfort during pregnancy, and neck pain when using the wrong pillow. A supportive mattress can help alleviate all these conditions, although many doctors recommend side sleeping for pregnant sleepers to relieve pressure on the back and internal organs

Finding the Best Mattress for Back Sleepers

Which specific mattresses are best for back sleepers? Look for mattresses with the following factors as well as a trial period to test the comfort and support:

  • Pressure ReliefYou’ll find pressure relief from a mattress that delivers the right balance of support and huggability. Both the Saatva and the DreamCloud provide superior pressure relief through a system of pocketed coils, as well as layers of foam. Both are fantastically priced for the quality they boast and are great at isolating motion and keeping the sleeper cool.
  • Spinal AlignmentThe firmness of a mattress is directly tied to good spinal alignment. A mattress that is too soft can cause awkward curving of the spine which will result in back pain in the morning. Normal weight sleepers between 130 and 230 pounds should look for a mattress with a firmness rating of about 6.5 on a 10 point scale. Slender back sleepers under 130 pounds do fine on a mattress with a 6 firmness rating. Heavier than average sleepers over 230 pounds should look for an extra firm mattress of 7.5 or more.

Maximize Support to Minimize Back Pain

Budget is a major consideration when looking for a new mattress. Happily, back sleepers can choose from excellent supportive options at every price point. In addition to choices based on weight, budget and luxury options are also available. Back sleepers looking for excellent value in a mattress should definitely consider the Saatva. You really won’t find a better luxury mattress at that price, and you’ll be able to choose the level of firmness that’s right for you and you’re back-sleeping preference.

Finally, for the ultimate in back-sleeping comfort, consider the luxurious Zenhaven flip-able latex mattress. The Zenhaven offers a different firmness on each side: a medium-soft, and a firm on the other. Backed by a 120-day trial period and a generous 20-year guarantee, the Zenhaven comes with free white glove delivery service that includes in-home setup and removal of your old mattress.

Finally, back sleepers should give the same considerations used in choosing a mattress for choosing a pillow. Look for pillows with adequate firmness to elevate the head slightly for clear breathing, but just enough give to relieve pressure for comfortable, restful sleep. Check out the Saatva Pillow.