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Solaire Mattress Review

Adjustable Air Bed
40,000+ reviews

About Solaire

Solaire is a brand new adjustable air bed from Saatva. If you like to sleep in different positions or have had trouble settling on the right mattress firmness for you, the Solaire may be the answer.

With Solaire, you can choose between 50 different firmness settings, by controlling the amount of air inside its air chambers via remote control. In this way, the Solaire can be customized to suit the sleep needs and preferences of just about any sleeper.

With a significant mechanical component, air beds can break down and some will lose air during the night. Not so with Solaire. It’s made from high-quality materials and is impressively engineered. And, as a Saatva product, the Solaire upholds the company’s high standards of eco-friendly design and construction.

Solaire Highlights

Adjustable firmness/comfort

50 settings

Adjustable head and foot positions

(with Lineal Base)

Luxury materials

Organic cotton and Talalay latex

180-day home trial with full refund

Try Solaire at home

25-year warranty

and 5 years of full coverage

FREE white glove delivery

plus old mattress removal

Solaire Mattress

With a Solaire mattress you know you’re getting a great value. When comparing beds in this category, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better luxury mattress at a better price than a Solaire.

Pros & Cons
Motion Isolation EXCELLENTThe Solaire has different air chambers for each side of the bed, which makes for really great motion isolation. With two comfort layers of latex and foam on top of the dual chambers, you’ll feel almost no motion coming from the other side of the bed.
Huggability EXCELLENTThe organic cotton pillow top, Talalay latex and gel-infused memory foam all give the Solaire great conforming ability. Adjusting the firmness gives you custom-tailored support and pressure relief.
Durability GREATAir beds are built to last as long as any traditional mattress, but there’s always the risk that parts wear down or break. Parts can be replaced, which extends the life of the mattress. Solaire comes with the best warranty you can find (25 years with 5 years of full coverage).
Edge Support GREATSolaire’s edge enclosure system houses the air chambers and reinforces the perimeter of the mattress, giving you great support all the way to the edges of the bed.
Temperature GREATThe organic cotton cover and latex layer of the Solaire make it surprisingly breathable. This air bed does a very good job of keeping you cool while you sleep.
Odor GOODAs with any new bed, some off-gassing smells are to be expected, but Solaire does not come compressed, so initial smells are rather insignificant and fade quickly.
Sex GOODAir beds are not known for their responsiveness, but increasing the amount of air inside the Solaire increases its bounce, as does its latex comfort layer. Most couples will be happy with Solaire in this category.
Noise AVERAGELike any air bed, the Solaire makes some noise when you fill or empty the air chambers. Luckily, it’s not disturbing and you won’t be making adjustments while you sleep.

Solaire Mattress

With a Solaire mattress you know you’re getting a great value. When comparing beds in this category, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better luxury mattress at a better price than a Solaire.

Is Solaire the right mattress for me?

Judging the characteristics of a mattress is a subjective process – everyone has a different sleeping experience on different mattresses and their own interpretation of firmness, support, etc. Your own comfort and support are perhaps the most critical things you need to consider when choosing the right mattress for you.

The great thing about Solaire is that your personal ideal firmness and support can be taken into consideration every single night, when you choose between any one of the 50 settings the mattress provides. That level of customization makes the air bed great for pretty much anyone. If you’re a light-weight or side sleeper who likes more contouring to relieve pressure on your joints, simply lower the firmness setting. If you’re a heavier-weight or stomach or back sleeper who needs more support to keep your spine in alignment, crank up the firmness.

Firmness Scale
The Solaire offers 50 firmness settings to choose from, which range from about a 3 on the firmness scale from 1 to 10, all the way up to about an 8. For comparison, the popular Sleep Number air beds give you 20 firmness settings.
(0 soft - 100 Firm)
Plush Soft
Luxury Firm
Layers & Construction
1. Organic cotton pillow top
2. 5-zone, hypoallergenic Talalay latex
3. Gel-infused memory foam
4. Moisture barrier
5. Dual air chambers
6. Power Edge enclosure for reinforced support

Sizing & Pricing

Twin XL38”W x 80”L13”$1,797$1,971$2,946
Full54”W x 75”L13”$2,495$2,735$3,694
Queen60”W x 80”L13”$2,595$2,890$3,894
UpperFlex Queen60”W x 80”L13”$3,195 $5,493
King76”W x 80”L13”$3,095$3,453$5,493
Split King76”W x 80”L13”$3,794 $6,192
UpperFlex King76”W x 80”L13”$3,795 $6,193
California King72”W x 84”L13”$3,095$3,453$5,493


$ 524

Twin XL

$ 674


$ 924


$ 1,024


$ 1,424

Split King

$ 1,423

California King

$ 1,424
Trial & Warranty

Saatva offers a 180-night free sleep trial for Solaire. The air bed also comes with a best-in-class warranty: 25 years with an unprecedented five years of full coverage. Five years of full coverage is the most we’ve seen on offer with any air bed.


As with all Saatva mattresses, the Solaire comes with free white-glove delivery service, which includes setup of your new bed and the removal of your old one. This you won’t find with every air bed on the market, some charging one or two hundred dollars for the service.

Customizing and ordering a Solaire is extremely easy and an overall pleasant experience whether you choose to do it online or over the phone. You can speak with customer service representatives both through online live chat and phone support (both of which are 24/7) and you’ll find they are very friendly and knowledgeable.

Bottom Line

Air beds are expensive, see our Air Bed comparison. If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury and precise, personalized comfort, Solaire is a great investment. You’ll get the exact comfort level you want at any given moment. More importantly, you get the exact support you need to relieve pain and get the best sleep possible.

Solaire Highlights 2

Hand crafted in the US
Eco-friendly materials
Multiple comfort options
120-day home trial with full refund
15-year warranty
FREE white glove delivery