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About Loom & Leaf Mattress

Loom & Leaf is Saatva’s luxury memory foam line and their answer to companies like Tempur-Pedic. Saatva’s direct-to-consumer model allows the company to sell the Loom & Leaf Mattress for 70% less than the cost of a Tempur-Pedic, and the mattress does not come in a box like many of its competitors’ products.

While it’s priced slightly higher than some of those bed-in-a-box competitors, like Casper, the Loom & Leaf mattress far exceeds them in quality, making it absolutely worth the extra cost.

The environmentally-conscious sleeper will be excited to learn about Loom & Leaf’s eco-friendly foams, organic covers and Saatva’s overall dedication to greener materials and production when it comes to Loom & Leaf.

Loom & Leaf is made with high-density memory foam with cooling gel in the top layer as well as a supporting base layer made of high-density polyfoam. Its construction makes it remarkably supportive and able to alleviate a lot of pressure mattresses can sometimes put on the body.

The Loom & Leaf comes in two different comfort levels, Relaxed Firm and Firm. Between those two options, just about all sleepers will have their preferences met. This mattress comes highly reviewed by its customers, and you can read on to see why.

  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Made from eco-friendly memory foam
  • Available in Relaxed Firm and Firm
  • Free white glove delivery & old mattress removal
  • 15-year warranty
  • 120-day trial


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Comes in multiple levels of firmness.
Hugs your body’s natural alignment and relieves pressure.
Very impressive motion isolation capability and virtually no noise.
Free White Glove delivery and old mattress removal.


L&L sleeps cooler than most memory foams, but may be too hot for some.
Average edge support.
Memory foam can have odor, but Loom & Leaf’s is negligible.

Motion Isolation EXCELLENT Loom & Leaf sleepers report virtually no motion transfer when a partner moves or gets in/out of bed.
Noise EXCELLENT The Loom & Leaf is pretty much completely silent when supporting transfer of movement.
Durability GREAT Loom & Leaf mattresses are relatively new, so it’s difficult to say exactly how long they will last. But the quality of the materials used in its construction suggests it will be as durable if not more durable than many of its memory foam competitors.
Huggability GREAT Loom & Leaf mattresses conform closely to sleeper’s bodies to align the spine, target pressure points, and alleviate pain symptoms. Two firmness levels are available to accommodate users with different preferences.
Odor GOOD A lot of memory foam mattresses have significant off-gassing smells, especially those that come compressed in a box. The Loom & Leaf does not come compressed in a box, and any smell it does emit at first should dissipate within hours. It is also worth noting that you’re not breathing in anything that can be harmful to you with Loom & Leaf–its eco-friendly foams are sourced with a commitment to quality, safety and the environment.
Sex GOOD Like all memory foam mattresses, the Loom & Leaf has very little if any bounce, which may or may not be what you and your partner enjoy.
Temperature GOOD Memory foam mattresses tend to sleep hot, but Loom & Leaf’s proprietary Spinal Zone Gel layer and breathable airflow channels keep you cooler than most memory foams, while providing optimal spinal support.
Edge Support AVERAGE Most memory foam beds have only decent edge support. Loom & Leaf is only slightly better than its competitors in this category.
Is the Loom & Leaf mattress right for me?

Judging the characteristics of a mattress is a subjective process – everyone has a different sleeping experience on different mattresses and their own interpretation of firmness, support, etc. Your own comfort and support are perhaps the most critical things you need to consider when it choosing the right mattress for you.

The Loom & Leaf is a great mattress option for basically any sleeper, especially those who like the body-hugging feeling of a memory foam bed. The thick comfort layers that make up the Loom & Leaf conform to your body in a way that relieves pressure at points where many beds can cause pain. Side sleepers of any size and weight will love Loom & Leaf for the way it hugs your body while providing enough support so that you don’t sink into it too much.

With two firmness options, the Loom & Leaf also works perfectly for back and stomach sleepers of all sizes. People on the lighter side will likely find the Relaxed Firm more enjoyable.

You’ll love the Loom & Leaf if…
You are looking for an affordable, luxurious, soft mattress.
You prefer the body-hugging experience of memory foam.
You share a bed with someone, especially if one of you moves quite a bit while sleeping. The motion isolation on the Loom & Leaf is extremely good.

Layers & Construction

1. Quilted organic cotton covering
2. A cooling layer made with Spinal Zone Gel
3. Eco-friendly, 5lb. premium foam
4. Multi-layer breathable support

Firmness (1 Soft – 10 Firm)

Loom & Leaf’s two different comfort levels, Relaxed Firm and Firm, have proven to meet the needs of most any sleeper. It does an excellent job serving the needs of side, back and stomach sleepers of all sizes.
Relaxed Firm (6)
Flagship comfort level — not too hard, not too soft, “just right” support. Great for people who sleep on side, back, or stomach, or who switch positions throughout the night.
Firm (8)
For sleepers who prefer a very firm feel. Great for back or stomach sleepers.

Sizing and Pricing

The Loom & Leaf is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King at the following prices.

Twin 38″W x 75″L $749 $908
Twin XL 38″W x 80″L $849 $1,008
Full 54″W x 75″L $1,199 $1,408
Queen 60″W x 80″L $1,299 $1,558
King 76″W x 80″L $1,699 $2,017
Split King 76″W x 84″L $1,698 $2,016
California King 72″W x 84″L $1,699 $2,017

Loom & Leaf mattresses come with a 120-day trial and a 15-year warranty.


The Loom & Leaf does not come compressed in a box like many of its competitors coming on the market. It will be hand-delivered, via free white glove delivery service that includes set up in the room of your choice, and the removal of your old mattress.

Bottom Line

If you like the body-hugging feel of a memory foam mattress, you should go with the Loom & Leaf. Customers report that the Loom & Leaf helps remove a lot of the neck, back and body pain they experience. And it rates highly in motion isolation, so it is especially great if you or your partner tend to move around a lot during the night. When compared to a leading mattress in the category, the Tempur-Pedic, Loom & Leaf has all of the quality at less than half the price! As far as memory foam mattresses go, you won’t find a more luxurious bed at a more affordable price than a Loom & Leaf.

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