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Eight Sleep Pod Review

Supreme support with smart technology
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About The Pod

Founded in 2014 and based in New York City, Eight Sleep was named by Fast Company as one of the Most Innovative Companies of 2018. Eight positions itself as the world’s first sleep fitness company–using cutting-edge technology that’s specifically designed to help people achieve optimal sleep fitness. They’re doing it with two revolutionary mattress options: The Pod and The Pod Pro. In this review, we’ll be focusing on The Pod, which is any technology lover’s dream bed. The Pod combines dynamic temperature regulation, biometric tracking, smart home integrations, and AI sleep coaching to deliver a revolutionary mattress that really enhances the sleep experience. Read on for deeper dive into what that all means.

The Pod Highlights

Temperature Regulation
Sleep And Health Tracking
0% APR financing available
100-day home trial
10-year warranty
Free Shipping & Returns
Eight Sleep Logo

The Pod Mattress

If you’re someone who is passionate about health and wellness and geeks out on the latest innovations, look no further than the Pod.

Pros & Cons
Temperature EXCELLENTThis is where the Pod truly stands out. No other mattress offers the same level of temperature control.
Motion Isolation EXCELLENTFour layers of adaptive foam make for excellent motion isolation. Also, the dynamic temperature and biometric tracking features work independently on each side of the bed.
Huggability GREATThe Pod’s adaptive foam provides great contouring and pressure relief for back, side and stomach sleepers.
Noise GREATAs a foam bed, the Pod is virtually noiseless. The electronic Hub, which controls the water flow to the bed is also very quiet and goes unnoticed.
Durability GOODThe foam mattress itself should last a long time. The Pod is a new product, so it is difficult to predict exactly how long its extensive technology will perform optimally.
Odor GOODThe bed comes compressed in a box, so you can expect some off-gassing that should dissipate within a few hours.
Sex GOODDespite being made of foam, the Pod has good bounce to it, which many couples feel is important for sex.
Edge Support AVERAGETypical of foam mattresses, the Pod has satisfactory edge support.
The Technology

The Pod is certainly the most teched-out mattress you’ll find on the market, and all of the advances that have gone into it are specifically designed to improve your sleep health and overall wellness. If you’re someone who is passionate about health and wellness and geeks out on the latest innovations, look no further than the Pod.

Temperature Control – The Pod’s most impressive and beneficial feature Eight calls “dynamic temperature.” Using artificial intelligence that learns your sleep habits, the Pod can adjust its temperature automatically according to your circadian cycle to keep you cool throughout the night. A cooler sleep environment helps you fall asleep faster and stay in deeper sleep for longer. Dynamic temperature from the Pod allows it to react to the sleeper during the night, so they’re never too hot or too cold. The temperature of the bed can also be adjusted manually (between 55 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit).

You can also use the dynamic temperature feature to wake you up in the morning, with the Pod’s thermo alarm. The thermo alarm allows you to wake up more naturally (without a noisy alarm, and without disturbing your partner) by gradually cooling the bed as your wake-up time approaches. Dynamic temperature also works independently on each side of the bed, so it can perfectly support each partner’s unique needs.

Biometric Tracking – Eight’s artificial intelligence also tracks and monitors your sleep health. An AI-powered sleep coach analyzes more than a dozen physiological and environmental factors captured by the Pod’s advanced biometric tracking, like your stages of sleep, your heart rate, and even your breathing. It shares insights and personalized sleep tips to help you make progress over time. All this and more can be accessed and controlled through the accompanying app. The Pod’s biometric tracking also works independently on each side of the bed to cater to each individual sleeper.

Smart Home Integration – The Pod also integrates easily with your smart home. You’ll be able to connect just about any WiFi-enabled device, like Nest, Philip Hue Lights or Amazon Alexa, and manage them with your phone or tablet.

Layers & Construction

The Pod has four layers of premium, high-density foam and a proprietary Active Grid layer, which is where the tech magic happens, so to speak. The Active Grid is designed to relieve pressure points, regulate temperature and capture all that biometric data as you sleep.

External from the mattress itself is the Hub–a 16-pound, 16″ x 6″ x 15″ box that is the core of the temperature control system, circulating water through the Active Grid via a cylindrical tube which connects it to the mattress.

Sizing & Pricing


$ 2,295


$ 2,595


$ 2,995

California King

$ 2,995
Carbon Pillow

Eight Sleep has recently introduced their new Carbon Air Pillow. A Carbon infused foam pillow with a perforated design to help increase airflow. The natural cooling feeling that comes from carbon is increased when sleeping on the Pod. If you suffer from night sweats or hot flashes then the cooling combiniation of pillow and mattress can do wonders for your sleep.

Trial & Warranty

For the Pod, Eight Sleep offers a 100-night free trial, along with a 1-year warranty for the tech components of the bed (Active Grid and Hub) and a 10-year warranty for the physical mattress (foam layers).


Free U.S. shipping to your door. Once you make your purchase you’ll receive your mattress within 4 to 6 business days plus free returns. The Pod comes compressed in two boxes–one with the foam bed and the other with the Hub and Active Grid.

Bottom Line

The Pod is a very exciting new innovation in the sleep space. It is a fantastic option for anyone who enjoys staying up on the latest technology and takes their sleep fitness (and overall wellness) seriously. With dynamic temperature, biometric tracking, AI-sleep coaching and more, the Pod has everything you need to take control of your overall sleep experience. Most of this is quite easy to use, but if you’re not someone who considers themselves at least moderately tech-savvy, then the Pod may be more than you need to get a great sleep. In the very least we suggest you check out the rest of their accessories.

The Pod Highlights 2

Hand crafted in the US
Eco-friendly materials
Multiple comfort options
120-day home trial with full refund
15-year warranty
FREE white glove delivery